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Anna Reznichenko

Partner of: NBB Russia - Nizhny Novgorod
Position in Company: Partner
Contact: anna.reznichenko@nbbadvisors.com
Curriculum Vitae:

Anna has obtained Master degree in the area of International Business Management at Kyiv National Economic University and degree of Master Financial Market at Ukrainian Institute of Fund Market development. She has successful 6 year operational experience in financial sphere and sales management. Anna occupied the position of project manager before she had headed Department of UniCredit Bank, which she actively developed and helped out to leading positions among departments of bank. In 2008 Anna became a partner and successfully launched first retail office of ING Bank in Ukraine, having received award “The best start”. Within the period of work in ING Bank, she participated in business development, new partners attraction, extension of deposit and credit portfolio. Before collaboration with NBB, ING office under the direction of Anna, served maximum number of retail customers and formed significant credit portfolio of Bank. Over a period of 3 years Anna created and headed own company, rendering services in the sphere of corporate financing and investment attraction. In 2010 Anna Reznichenko became Master Franchisee of NBB Ukraine and Partner of NBB Russia.